Rulers of the Mistos Empire, Mistos are convinced that elves are the master race, due to their obvious superiority physical and mental, and all other life should be subjugated to them.

“We are obviously destined to rule the world and remake it in a new way. A better way. An elven way. ” —From ‘Elfish Manifesto’

Mistos culture is ruled by the military. All able-bodied male and female individuals are required to serve in the military. The head of the military is also the ruler of Mistos.

Mistos generally have fine, light hair and pale skin. They dress in red and black dyed silks and leather.

Mistos are skilled in psionics, the art is encouraged systematically as a racial quality. Young Mistos are screened for psionic ability at a young age, and brought to government centers where they are encouraged to expand upon their powers by expert psions.

It is not learning that we do. There is… nothing to learn. The power is innate. Instead, we must forget the limitations of the material world, and in doing so, transcend it. —Apaggio Eferemazzio, Imperial Psion

Unfortunate Mistos born with the slightest birth defect, even a wen or a winestain birthmark (especially one on the face or hands, which cannot be hidden by the parents) is cause for the forced steriization and banishment of the unfortunate individual. Having more than one child such as this means exile for the parents, as well, unless they are well-connected. These banished individuals, call themselves Nombios, or the ‘Out-men’, or sometimes simply ‘Trabulo’, for the ancestral race of the elves.


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