Autarky of Aest

The Children of Aest have a philosophy of strict traditions leading to a isolationist, mercantile, totaltitarian society.

The most prized possession of a Vaermm of the Children of Aest is his Book of Aest, a collection of sayings and anecdotes with which every Child of Aest guides his every choice. One copies out a Book when he or she comes of age. The book is checked for errors in a ceremony lasting for hours. Any errors found results in a full year delay, and another attempt at the ceremony.

Words and actions should be harmonious in uniting the people in right-thinking. —Quotation from the Book of Aest

The Children of Aest are so tuned with their book, they have trouble forming ideas themselves, preferring to meet every situation with wisdom taken directly from the Book of Aest. If there is a disagreement between interpretations in the book, the eldest available dwarf mediates the argument, leading to a geriatocracy.

Autarky of Aest

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